Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

  • Industrial effluents of poultry, meat and dairy processing
  • Wastewater treatment for discharge into drains or the fishery reservoir
  • Pre-operation with sampling and analysis of waste water purification and development schemes
  • Creation of model plants for industrial wastewater treatment in order to optimize costs

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Without exception, all sewage needs purification, especially wastewater of poultry, meat, dairy processing and similar effluents.

The degree of treatment depends on where the effluent will be discharged, residential sewage such that will be additionally treated by a municipal plant or surface water.

Pre-operation requires sampling and analysis of wastewater characteristics. Inflow uniformity and peak values are studied while volume and temperature are monitored closely.

Depending on the specific conditions, industrial sewage effluent of poultry, meat and dairy processing may be cleared to varying extent for discharge into municipal treatment plants or surface water.

If the existing municipal or other wastewater treatment plants were not originally designed to accept industrial waste, these effluents must be cleaned up to the parameters set for residential waste before discharge. The extent of such treatment is coordinated with all the involved urban municipal organizations and governing localities.

The major concern of conservation and environmental health is compliance of water discharged into reservoirs in order to preserve healthy conditions for aquatic life and surrounding communities. Hence there are stringent requirements for the composition of the discharged effluent into water bodies.

Wastewater, purified by treatment plants Bioks of Bioxica, fully satisfy the above requirements.

In accordance with the rules of project documentation for the wastewater treatment plant, before designing a project, the treatment plan is evaluated and presented in the initial stage.

The main task of pre-project documentation is to choose the best technical solution for the volume and characteristics of wastewater.

Good pre-project documentation is the basis for the detailed technical requirements.  The  more carefully thought-out a project is in the beginning, the more efficiently and accurately it will be completed,  thus saving time and money in construction.

For this reason, Bioxica has a very attentive approach to preparation of project documentation and carefully considers the connected questions. This particularly applies to the treatment of industrial wastewater from the poultry, meat and dairy processing, whose characteristics may vary considerably depending on the profile and individual aspects of production.

During the pre-operation, samples of chemical composition of wastewater in the different phases of the enterprise are taken, the volume and temperature of the wastewater and  the frequency of treatment facilities operation are set,  and the uniformity of the inflow of wastewater and peak emissions are determined.

If the company had not yet begun operation, then the technology of operation, project documentation for the company, and the work of similar businesses are considered. This forms the preparation of pre-project documentation.

In some cases, when existing or projected industrial effluents are very different in composition and characteristics from similar profile enterprises with existing treatment facilities and have no analogues, it makes sense to run a batch reactor test. Thus, it is possible to simulate the entire wastewater treatment process, test the effectiveness of the design solutions, and, if necessary, make adjustments to the project documentation. At the same time, finishing treatment facilities costs will be lowered. This is especially true of enterprises with large volumes.

Practice has shown this method to provide cost savings.