Water Treatment Plant Design

  • Local wastewater treatment facilities 
  • Stormwater treatment system
  • Industrial wastewater treatment system

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Water Treatment Plant Design

Caring for the environment makes it necessary to conduct wastewater treatment. To prevent the deterioration of the ecological balance the wastewater must be cleaned to levels safe for the environment before being discharged.

For many years, Bioxica has been developing and implementing effective methods and systems of sewage treatment for this purpose. As a result, local stations of fully biological wastewater treatment called Bioks were created.

Bioks plants are high-tech treatment facilities with capacity from 10 to 10 000m3 / d. (2.6 mgd), and are leaders in the field of efficient wastewater treatment.

Bioxica designs wastewater treatment plants Bioks in high-priority areas:

  • local waste water treatment facilities;
  • storm water treatment facilities;
  • industrial waste water treatment plants.
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Local wastewater is characterized by an extremely high level of pathogenic danger due to the presence of teeming bacteria. Therefore, the design of the plant must consider the safety of the public in providing sufficient water treatment.

Design of treatment facilities is our specialty at Bioxica.

This process is carried out in several stages: collection of baseline data, development of project documentation, and seeking regulatory approval.

Our complete biological wastewater treatment Bioks, systems have proven successful in practice.

The technological scheme provides high efficiency and is aimed at minimizing the amount of waste generated.  This efficiency is achieved with the aid of modern technologies.

Our properly developed design documentation allows to short construction times at a reasonable cost.

Treatment of industrial effluents from agricultural enterprises (poultry, meat and dairy processing, etc.) presents a unique set of challenges.

Industrial wastewater from these enterprises has its own characteristics and may contain a large number of solids and organic contaminants like oil and bacteria.

With competent design, the following challenges are solved: cleaning and decontamination of wastewater to the established norms while minimizing the space occupied by the wastewater treatment systems and waste requiring disposal.

The choice of treatment technology and equipment in the design depends on a number of factors: manufacturing industry, the nature of the process, the volume and composition of the wastewater, the required quality of sewage treatment, and in some cases, the need for re-use.

Bioxica offers its services in the design of water treatment facilities of industrial wastewater.

For many years Bioxica has successfully developed and implemented the effective methods and systems of sewage treatment, which led to the creation of compact units called Bioks.  These efficient systems can fully treat and neutralize industrial wastewater and thus prevent potential harm to the environment.

Bioks by Bioxica maintain the quality of industrial wastewater discharge before the treated water goes into a fishery reservoir.