Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

  • Reconstruction of treatment facilities
  • Incorporation of existing facilities
  • Posttreatment facilities use
  • Design on the existing site

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

There are cases when existing wastewater treatment plants, for various reasons, do not meet performance standards and have low productivity.

Reconstruction of the existing water treatment facilities by Bioxoca  increases the quality of effluent, ensures environmental compliance, and significantly reduces operating costs through the use of modern technologies, energy-efficient equipment and capable engineering.

Bioxoca’s experienced specialists will perform design work on the reconstruction of treatment facilities and will offer the most suitable and profitable option to improve the quality of wastewater treatment with the development of project documentation.

These factors are considered:

  • reduction of the unit cost of the design work;
  • modernization of the equipment;
  • the use of existing equipment and the capacitive structures;
  • use of post-treatment facilities;
  • design work on the existing site.

Reconstruction of treatment facilities to increase capacity from 26,000 to 40,000 gal

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The most radical and effective way to improve the capacity of existing wastewater treatment plants and to ensure a regulatory level of wastewater treatment is to reconstruct the systems.

The design of reconstruction of treatment facilities, as a rule, includes modernization of equipment, making amendments to the technological schemes, and installation of additional equipment for tertiary treatment of wastewater.  This can have the benefit of reduced maintenance costs.

Before design work, technological and technical inspection of existing treatment facilities,  and quality and quantity of wastewater are carried out.

According to the results of the survey data, experts develop the project to improve the quality of wastewater treatment, increase productivity by modernizing equipment, increase the level of automation and a reduce demand for staff. All solutions are based on the experience of operation of treatment facilities, knowledge of modern technological methods of treatment, as well as the application of the latest equipment. Depending on the goal, there are several options for reconstruction:

  • extra block (blocks) of wastewater treatment Bioks;
  • the application of biological removal of nutrients schema, including phosphorus by biological, with the creation of conditions for increasing the phosphate-accumulating microorganisms;
  • tertiary treatment of wastewater using bioreactors with gravel-coal loading and attached microflora;
  • increasing doses of sludge and attached microflora, by adjusting the recirculation of activated sludge, the installation of additional plastic loading;
  • the use of mechanical dewatering sludge on filter press to 70 - 80% humidity;
  • disinfection of sewage sludge by the use of UV installations, magnetic fields, chemicals, electrostatic field;
  • the use of technology, which significantly reduced or totally eliminated existing sludge fields;
  • optimization of aeration systems through the use of aeration, including submersible aerators-mixers (armix).

At all stages of reconstruction design we are in constant contact with the Client.

Bioxoca will perform the design and will carry out the reconstruction and modernization of operating wastewater treatment facilities with minimum cost and without interrupting the process.

The purpose of reconstructing treatment facilities is to maintain or increase their productivity, while ensuring standard quality of wastewater treatment, reliability, and reduced maintenance costs.

When designing, the experts of Bioxoca realize these objectives by leveraging existing tanks and equipment.

For this purpose, a thorough examination of tanks and technological effectiveness of the treatment facilities is carried out to identify mismatch of real data.  The results are incorporated into the project. A conclusion is provided with recommendations on how to achieve the desired result.

Based on the findings, Bioxoca, develops the project documentation with the most appropriate and advantageous embodiment of the technological scheme of treatment facilities using existing equipment and tanks.

The most common solution for technical upgrading of treatment facilities is the introduction of tertiary treatment to improve the quality of wastewater treatment.

Pre-operation treatment is the addition of different methods of tertiary sewage treatment, such as the use of chemical agents, bioreactors with gravel and coal loading and attached microflora, ozonation, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, or magnetic and electrostatic processing fields. The result is decontamination of wastewater and reduction in suspended organic matter, nitrogen, phosphate, and other standards.

The introduction of tertiary wastewater treatment facilities into the existing technological schemes of biological treatment improves the quality of wastewater treatment standards to the surface water standard for discharge into fishery water bodies.

Bioxoca performs the design work on reconstruction of treatment facilities with tertiary treatment facilities.

For reconstruction of existing water treatment facilities in order to increase their productivity and conform to stricter rules of sewage treatment, there are often land limitations.

Bioxoca when performing the design work on reconstruction of treatment facilities, tries to make maximum use of the existing area without additional space requirements In addition, our company increases performance, quality of wastewater treatment, and reliability.  This reduces operating costs and increases and simplifies operation.

Design begins with a comprehensive examination of existing treatment facilities.

Using the results of this examination, specialists at Bioxoca  develop project requirements for the development of gradual modernization of treatment facilities.  At the same time, several options for reconstruction are considered, with the goal of maximum use of existing areas and facilities to minimize the volume of construction.

The use of energy-efficient modern equipment allows the selection of the most efficient technological scheme of wastewater treatment. On this basis, we use our extensive field knowledge to perform design work on the reconstruction of treatment facilities at the existing site without an increase in the area. In some cases, additional equipment (filter presses, centrifuges, sludge pumps, bag dehydration) enhances the sludge dewatering, greatly reducing the need for space for temporary storage of sludge.