Project Documentation Review

  • Inspection assistance
  • Expert examination of technological solution sections and EPA

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Project Documentation Review

The inspection of plans by a licensed engineer is a fundamental step to ensure the safety of manmade structures.. Thus, this step is a mandatory requirement in order to obtain a building permit.

The inspecting engineer will issue a report verifying adherance to legal regulations, and highlighting any noncompliance issues.

Our specialists at Bioxica will help you pass this inspection with their detailed attention to state and national requirements.

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Passing the inspection may be difficult due to varying state and local requirements for design documentation.

Bioxica has extensive experience in passing the inspection of design solutions for wastewater treatment plants.

Our experts know the procedures and requirements applied by regulatory agencies, and they are ready to prepare documentation (in accordance with the requirements of the project documentation, composition and form determined by the EPA, including in electronic form) required for a favorable outcome.

If necessary, the specialists of Bioxica are involved in the inspection of design documentation with the client and are ready to provide assistance.

The technological solutions (TS) and environmental protection (EP) sections are an integral part of project documentation for reconstruction, construction, operation and expansion of treatment facilities.

During the documentation review of TS, the possible schemes of technological processes, rationale for the use of existing technology, or its development are discussed.

EP is checked for compliance with applicable standards to ensure ecological safety and sustainability.

Bioxica offers a full range of services, including assistance in passing the project documentation review. During the documentation review, our specialists address inspectors’ questions, complementing the project or defending its position.