New Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

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  • Rapid implementation of design works
  • Design work at affordable prices

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The implementation of design work is one of the most important stages in the manufacturing of treatment plants.

The experienced, highly-qualified staff of Bioxica will implement the whole range of design work connected with wastewater treatment, including: technology, design estimates,  architectural design, design of building structures, and engineering systems.

All design work is carried out in strict accordance with federal standards.

Bioxica provides an individual approach to every design solution, and solves difficult problems for the client.

If necessary, Bioxica is ready to coordinate with  regulatory authorities in the relevant sections of the project.

Our highly-qualified and experienced designers perform the whole of the design work on the treatment plant as quickly as possible, using specialized software to create drawings and calculations.

In addition, Bioxica has a large set of already proven design solutions of its own patented developments, which can also significantly reduce the preparation time of project documentation.

Bioxica is focused on you, the client. Our extensive experience developing wastewater projects allows us to provide excellent value and comprehensive design work at affordable rates.

Our costs compare favorably to competitors. Projects are carried out efficiently, strictly within the terms stipulated by the contract, and in full compliance with the regulations and laws of the local and federal environmental agencies.