• Cleaning methods and equipment options
  • Design
  • Operation
  • The adoption of pre-design solutions

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Wastewater treatment is an assemblage of measures aimed at combating and sterilizing pathogens  so that they do not pose an environmental hazard.

The choice of treatment method depends on many factors, but primarily on the quantity and composition of effluent, and the requirements for discharge.

A variety of methods of wastewater treatment are used, which  can be organized into: mechanical, chemical, physico-chemical, and biological. The best results can be achieved with a combination of several cleaning methods or alternating use at different stages.

A variety of modern and high-tech equipment is used for all methods of wastewater treatment. Our experts help to determine the most appropriate one.

Bioxica’s experts will consultat on choosing the optimal method of wastewater treatment and effective treatment equipment.

Bioxica has a large experience base in both standard and non-standard development of treatment facilities. We can provide designers with: standard solutions based on our Bioks developments; services on optimization of standard solutions under specific conditions; technical information on the design of equipment; advice and assistance in the design, taking into account the characteristics of the designed object, process parameters, and requirements for the quality of treated wastewater.

Bioxica develops and delivers local plants and stations of full biological wastewater treatment, safely working in a wide climatic range and providing deep cleaning. Our experts have acquired extensive experience in operating these facilities.

Wastewater treatment plant is a complex integrated system using a variety of processing equipment for sewage treatment. All the questions that arise during operation can be solved by our experts. If necessary, our experts will go to the site and provide consulting support during commissioning works in the selection of the necessary equipment, offer the most effective option of wastewater treatment, assist in the commissioning of new equipment, and inspect the equipment after repair.

At  Bioxica,  you can always get expert advice on the maintenance and operation of water treatment facilities.

All treatment plants require initial collection of information.

Pre-design is a crucial stage, which provides a direction to the project. Therefore, during the pre-design, Bioxica stands ready to provide advice on: the collection of baseline data; proper preparation of the technical project; the placement rationale of the object; the choice of the principal technological solutions for wastewater treatment; choice of technological equipment.

Consultations during pre-design allow the customer to choose the most suitable technical solutions and the most favorable scheme of wastewater treatment, as well as to plan wastewater discharge points.