Pumping Equipment

  • Selection and supply of pumping equipment
  • Submersible pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Metering pumps

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Pumping Equipment

Reliable pumping equipment is needed for the operation of treatment facilities.

Depending on the operating environment, Bioxica uses various types of pumps, such as:

  • submerged pumps;
  • centrifugal pumps;
  • metering pumps.

Selection and supply of pumping equipment

Bioxica selects and supplies various pumping equipment for treatment plants.

The selection criteria is set by the ratio of liquids to solids and composition of the wastewater .

While selecting a pump, the operating environment, the type of pump, and pressure are considered to ensure maximum efficiency and reliable operation.

After considering client criteria, our experts  calculate the requirements for the pumping equipment; next, they choose the best solution depending on the operating environment.

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Submersible pumps get their name from a direct functional action. They are immersed directly into the liquid to be pumped.

Submersible pumps are used wherever it is necessary to lift and move various fluids.

The working part sinks to the bottom of the container. Therefore, the casing and other component parts are made of materials that do not corrode.

The pump engine is protected by a special stainless steel cylinder.

In Bioks plants by Bioxica, the submersible pumps are used to drain the sludge mixture to dehydration in sewage pumping stations, as well as in the clean water chamber for supplying water for technical needs.

The submersible pump Grundfos SEG

The submersible pump Pedrollo MC

Centrifugal pumps move water and create pressure by the impeller rotation, whereby the centrifugal force acts.

The characteristics of such pumps are attached to their design, material components, and operation of the basic working units.

In Bioks installations  by Bioxica, the centrifugal pumps are used for washing the filters.

Centrifugal pumps NGA series

To ensure a high degree of wastewater treatment especially for industrial effluent, solely biological treatment is insufficient. In these cases, physico-chemical wastewater treatment is used. This method is based on usage of coagulant and flocculant reagents.

The specially equipped stations prepare and meter reagents. Reagents must be added to the treatment plants in strict doses. Therefore, in addition to the equipment, special metering pumps to measure reagent feed are installed. Bioxica uses TEKNA EVO metering pumps.

Tekna EVO electromagnetic metering pumps  have a high frequency range up to 320 rpm (revolutions per minute). They are used in high frequency systems metering with backpressure up to 20 bar. The capacity of these pumps is 60 l / h (16 gal/h).

The metering pumps cope with the most chemically aggressive liquid media and are widely used in wastewater treatment.

Tekna EVO metering pumps are reliable, durable, and energy-conserving.