Technobridge M is a leader in designing and manufacturing wastewater treatment plants

Bioxica is a product of decades engineering sewage treatment plants. We design, fabricate, install, commission and maintain all water treatment plants. Our team of qualified professionals will help you realize your project from start to end. We offer turn key solutions for your wastewater treatment projects

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Environmental Engineer

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Environmental Engineer

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Project Manager


Cost effective packaged wastewater treatment plants installed in your local area

Bioxica designed and tested right in our own research and development center where we innovate wastewater treatment technological solutions. Our team of engineers are long time qualified sewage treatment plant designer. Bioxica factory pre-assembles packaged wastewater treatment plants customized to client specifications and pre-approved design. Bioxica delivers pre-fabricated water treatment plant to your site and a team of installer assemble the end product. We support full commissioning of the treatment plant and help with all local or federal government regulatory compliance. Bioxica technical support trains your personal or we provide ours to facilitate daily testing. We guarantee our product and have warranties on all equipment and parts.



Full service from design, fabrication, installation, and commisioning a wastewater treatment plant

Bioxica services variety of difference industries including new subdivision developments, schools and universities, condominiums and hotes, military bases and prison facilities, campgrounds and resorts. Biological wastewater treatment plants by Bioxica can treat up to 2,500,000 gallons per day however it is possible to design any size water treatment plant. On large projects we use concrete versus Bioxica is fully pre-fabricated custom designed steel product.


Turn key packaged wastewater treatment plants are our specialty. Some of the Bioxica wastewater treatment plants have been operating for the past 27 years. Technological advance in wastewater treatment and know-how allows us to produce cost effective treatment plant that can be installed and commissioned efficiently.